Mar 18, 2012

Video Kinda Day

Well the first Saturday passed as a whirlwind, as it usually does.   Woke to another beautiful day, there is a trough that has been hanging over Bermuda since I arrived and even the longterm forecast has no changes before Thursday.  Everyday is 21C, with mix of sun and cloud.  Evenings are 16C.  Winds light.  Can't ask for much nicer this time of year

Got moving in the morning and went up and met a Canadian friends of mine, John, who has been out here for about 17 years now and his lovely new bride Lisa.    Was nice to catch up and see their new abode and their dog Milo.   Had some spare time as I left their place so I put the GoPro around my neck on a string and took a short ride into Hamilton Bermuda, enjoy the show;

Got back from the little run and discovered I had some afternoon time so grabbed the camera gear and headed down to Spittal Pond to take some pictures.   I was hoping to do some blurred surf or catch some Longtails but neither worked out.  The sun was really bright so the ND filter still wasn't doing it and seems to be still to early in the season for the Longtails to have returned, although I'm told there has been some sightings.   So took the opportunity to film some of the surf down there, it was a very calm day so not as dramatic as it sometimes is;

The evening was out to supper with our friends Donna and Bruce where has a great meal of fresh caught Bermuda Rockfish and Bermuda Fish Chowder.   A few hours of "socializing" and it was bedtime at 1am hahaha.  Bruce and I were going to stay up and watch the F1 race out of Australia but we agreed to hold off until the replay at 3pm vice the 3am start time.   Now I'm trying to stay off the racing websites so I don't ruin the race for later today.

Haven't sorted this morning out yet but expect to be out and around this morning and early this afternoon before heading out Bruce's for the race and then back here for BBQ steaks this evening.   Gonna be another great day in Bermuda!


  1. Pretty cool videos!

    One question: How did you mount the GoPro for the scooter trip?


  2. hahaha, well I took a small rope and made a necklace. Set the camera to upside down. Put it around my neck so that it sat in the center of my chest and away I went. Worked great eh! hahaha

  3. Fascinating ... love seeing the lay of the land as you motored about. You look really comfortable with the left side driving!

    I can see why you love it so much. It's beautiful.

  4. Thanks Candis! I have only ever driven on the left here (I lived here for 3 years back in the '90's) so it is pretty natural. Now if they told me to switch to the right I'd be pretty messed up. It truly is a beautiful place.