Mar 29, 2012

Final from the Island

Hey everyone!   Bags are packed, camera gear cleaned and put away, final load in the laundry and dressed to head home :-(    Although I am looking forward to getting home to see Jen, Erin and Jackson.   

Might have a few more pictures to post over the next few weeks as I sort through all the images and directories.  Seems I always miss something so stay tuned ;-)

There will also be a rather long video coming at some point as well.  While here I filmed the entire south shore, north shore, Somerset, St Georges, St David's, Harbour Road and some of middle road.  This all needs to be pieced together into 1 video.   There will probably be a couple of versions, one that I hope to shorten down considerably by doing fast forwards and another at "real speed".   For those who love Bermuda and want a video of the entire island for yourselves or to show your friends and family let me know and I'll try and make something that is easy for download or something that can be put onto a DVD.    But that is a project that's going to take some time to complete, bug me if you don't see any results, I do have a habit of moving on hahaha.

Next post will be from home, take care everyone and thanks for all the comments here, Facebook and Google +.   It was fun shooting this trip and had a great time visiting all my friends and extended family.


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