Mar 17, 2012


Another lovely day on the island. Again most of it was spent visiting friends (it was Friday happy hour you know) but did manage to get out for a bit in the morning to play with the GoPro. This was my first time putting the camera "overboard" so was a bit nervous about the waterproof seal but all went well. This location is right at the mouth of the Harrington Sound. The tide was low and the water was rushing out of the sounds, thus causing some murkiness in the water. The fish wouldn't come as close to the camera as I would have liked but it was a great 1st experiment. Naturally I now have more ideas to try out ;-)

Took the camera but the light was very harsh at that time of the day.  But I did fire off a few shots;

The weekend is scheduled for more visiting ;-)   Off to see a Canadian mate of mine who has been down here for the past 20 years.   Looking forward to meeting his new wife!   Out to supper tonight with more friends and we're talking about getting up at 2am to watch the first F1 race of the year.  Then watching the Bristol race tomorrow afternoon ;-)    Going to be a great weekend!   Not sure if the camera will get much use before Monday hahaha.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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  1. Fun!!! Love the fish under water. :)

    Everything is so colourful!