Oct 25, 2015

On the Move (again)

Wow, just realized it's been months since my last post.   Also realized that I haven't even gone back and looked at all my black and whites from my last Bermuda trip.  In fact I have barely touched the cameras since that trip.   I guess two quick back to back Bermuda trips kinda burned me out on the cameras a bit.   But we have been busy.

We learned late in the summer that our landlord had decided to sell the house.  He gave us first dibs on the place but we decided this is not the house we want to settle into.   After some discussion we decided not to rent a new place but to buy a place instead.   We pulled all our pennies together and got a hold of my old mortgage broker and decided it would work.

The search was on.   Actually didn't take too long, turns out it's becoming a buyers market and the time of year was good.  People are motivated to sell.   Helps that interest rates are at a nice low.  Now we're on the move.   Just 1 more week until we close on the new house.   The past month has been sorting out the legal, booking all the installations for the house and packing our stuff.

The new house is a nice 35 year old bungalow that has been well taken care of and upgraded.   Also has almost 3 acres of land and a nice big shed.   Inspections all went well and we're really looking forward to the move.   A couple of pics;

Was unable to get the guy I wanted to move me so decided to do this myself (again) after not learning the last time how much it hurts - lol.   Fortunately I have 13 days to fill these and some friends to help with the big stuff on the last day.

Now, some plugs for some great people who made the process so easy for us.   Our agent, broker, lawyer and inspectors are all great and come highly recommended by Jen and I.   Be happy to give any of them a recommendation.  Here is there info but if you want to ask questions about any of them give me a shout.  Each of these people will take great care of you if your looking to purchase a new home.

ALANA DENNETT   (Real Estate Agent)
165 Pretoria Avenue
E-mail: adennett@sympatico.ca

Elaine Simpson, AMP    (Mortgage Broker)
Broker #M08004806
Mortgage Broker
Dominion Lending Centres – Smart Debt
150 Isabella St., Suite 110, Ottawa, On K1S 1V7
Phone: 613-791-1798
Fax: 613-736-1765

Ken Hoyt    (Lawyer)
157 Gilmour Street
Ottawa, ON K2P 0N8
Tel: 613-231-2995, ext. 28
Fax: 613-231-1121

Stephen Clayton   (House Inspector)
Phone: 613-233-4515
Email: aclayton2000@rogers.com