Feb 26, 2016

Torturing the Pets

Home sick so tortured the pets with the X100s for a bit;

New Addition to the Fur Family

Just realized that I had only posted pictures of our newest addition to FaceBook and nothing to the blog or G+.

Wookiee (formerly Pippy) came to us a few weeks back from Ottawa Dog Rescue and she has been a wonderful addition.  Very tiny, weighing only 5.4lbs, we're looking to fatten her up.  Two of the cats are responding well but the two, who normally take time with new additions and then become there best buds, are still taking some time to figure her out.   She is smaller then each of the cats!   Full of energy and loves play time.   She desperately needs a hair cut and is wearing the cone because she won't stop licking where her spay incision and has created a bit of a scab.

Still a little shy of the camera

 The family minus the 4 cats

Big brother Jackson still isn't too sure about this :-)