May 31, 2015

Fort Hamilton

Yesterday did a short visit to Fort Hamilton. The weather continues to be shaky but have managed to dodge any rain. The hurricanes last year knocked the vegetation back so visibility from the fort is very good right now.

The grounds are in lovely shape right now and everything is in bloom.

Overlooking Hamilton and the harbour, my last few trips up here I couldn't see anything through the vegetation.

Caught this guy hanging out.

May 30, 2015

Waterlot Dock

Last night we went out to the Waterlot Dock ( for drinks, snacks and entertainment.   We had a few showers pass through but fortunately it didn't dampen the fun.   A local musician, Mike Hind, entertained us for about 4 hours non-stop and a good time was had by all.   But I did sneak away for a bit to grab a few photos of some of the scenic stuff around the Waterlot.

Unfortunately we didn't get much of a sunset, weather is still lingering.

 Looking at the Waterlot from out on the dock.  The guy in the red pants is Mike Hind.

 Trying to capture the light through the shutter onto the wall.  Kinda got what I wanted.

 Always lots of vegetation around the lights here.

May 29, 2015

Back on the Island

Back in Bermuda!  :-)   My home away from home, or maybe I should just call it my other home.   I left here right after Hurricane Fay last fall  and when I landed yesterday it sort of felt like I hadn't left.  Gusty wind, humidity, salt spray and I can still see all the damage to the trees (particularity the fiddle wood)  but at least the mess is all cleaned up.  

So only a few pictures on the first day, too busy chasing the weather and salt spray.  Instead took the morning to relax, read a book, pick up my bike and a few groceries.   Otherwise just playing with the dogs and chatting with some friends.

Took s short run down to Southlands for a couple of pictures of the surf and spray from the wind but didn't stay long.  Even my sunglasses were betting hazy with the spray and I decided to get the cameras under cover.  The pictures don't really do it justice.  It was rock'in and rolling!

Pano, so click to get the large version