May 29, 2015

Back on the Island

Back in Bermuda!  :-)   My home away from home, or maybe I should just call it my other home.   I left here right after Hurricane Fay last fall  and when I landed yesterday it sort of felt like I hadn't left.  Gusty wind, humidity, salt spray and I can still see all the damage to the trees (particularity the fiddle wood)  but at least the mess is all cleaned up.  

So only a few pictures on the first day, too busy chasing the weather and salt spray.  Instead took the morning to relax, read a book, pick up my bike and a few groceries.   Otherwise just playing with the dogs and chatting with some friends.

Took s short run down to Southlands for a couple of pictures of the surf and spray from the wind but didn't stay long.  Even my sunglasses were betting hazy with the spray and I decided to get the cameras under cover.  The pictures don't really do it justice.  It was rock'in and rolling!

Pano, so click to get the large version

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