Mar 30, 2012

Leaving Bermuda

Shot one more video as we took off.  You can get a pretty good look at the island and some of the reefs.   Going to start working on a much bigger video over the weekend but that one will take some time ;-)

Mar 29, 2012

Final from the Island

Hey everyone!   Bags are packed, camera gear cleaned and put away, final load in the laundry and dressed to head home :-(    Although I am looking forward to getting home to see Jen, Erin and Jackson.   

Might have a few more pictures to post over the next few weeks as I sort through all the images and directories.  Seems I always miss something so stay tuned ;-)

There will also be a rather long video coming at some point as well.  While here I filmed the entire south shore, north shore, Somerset, St Georges, St David's, Harbour Road and some of middle road.  This all needs to be pieced together into 1 video.   There will probably be a couple of versions, one that I hope to shorten down considerably by doing fast forwards and another at "real speed".   For those who love Bermuda and want a video of the entire island for yourselves or to show your friends and family let me know and I'll try and make something that is easy for download or something that can be put onto a DVD.    But that is a project that's going to take some time to complete, bug me if you don't see any results, I do have a habit of moving on hahaha.

Next post will be from home, take care everyone and thanks for all the comments here, Facebook and Google +.   It was fun shooting this trip and had a great time visiting all my friends and extended family.


Mar 27, 2012


Two posts in one day!   Didn't expect to get back out shooting today as I was in Hamilton for part of the day, thanks for a nice lunch John!   Heather and Sharon took me down to Southlands.  A place that I have heard lots about in the Bermuda press but I was not aware that you could drive down to it.   Thanks to the continuing wind and weather patterns running through there was some nice dramatic clouds.   Got to shoot a time lapse as well.

Tomorrows my last full day :-(   Looking forward to getting home to Jen on Thursday but will miss "my island" and all my friends down here.   Will try and get a few more shots tomorrow.  Have a great evening everyone.

Spittal Pond - Stormy Day

So far this trip the Bermuda weather forecasting has been dead on.  All weekend we were awaiting high winds on Monday and they arrived right on time.   Not much rain with it so far but the wind is blowing.   Took a run down to Spittal Pond yesterday to catch the wave action.   Ended up coming home covered in salt spray but was fun.   Wanted to do some time lapse work with the GoPro but finally hit the problem of humidity inside the case, lesson learned.  Need to get some humidity strips.   But did manage a video and some photos.

A 4 minute video showing the surf.

 The GoPro on duty

 Couldn't resist some Pano work.  Horizon is a bit off with this lens but came out ok ;-)

In the final few days before coming home so running around a bit.  Out for lunch in a bit with a friend so a bit light on the text but have been enjoying my time!  Even with the crappy weather having moved in.

Hope everyone is having a good day.

Mar 26, 2012


Good Monday morning everyone.  Had a great weekend on this end visiting with friends.   Was out to Bristo J's on Friday night for supper, a must place to have supper while your on the island (Flank steak done with a Bermuda Rum sauce), Saturday with Glen and supper at Hog Penny (Wahoo and Bermuda Fish Chowder), Sunday was F1 racing with Bruce in the morning, IndyCar racing with Bruce at Tom's house in the afternoon and an evening with Sharon and Heather eating BBQ'd chickens with corn on the cob!  A great weekend!

Tom's house is in an amazing location with a million dollar view, a few shots before the race;

Heading into the final stretch before heading home on Thursday.   Sunny here right now but very high winds. They're talking gale force later today and maybe some rain.  More wind tomorrow and then a cold front moving in to finish my trip.    Looking at the wave action down on the south shore and thinking of taking the gopro down in a bit and do some time lapse of the waves hitting the shore.   Could be fun.  Out again with friends this evening, tomorrow for lunch, tomorrow afternoon and probably tomorrow evening again.   Busy busy busy. ;-)


Mar 23, 2012

Horseshoe Bay Time Lapse

Shot this the other night, just finally getting around to putting it together ;-)

Hamilton and the Solandet

I usually avoid Hamilton until the final days due to traffic and people but felt the urge to grab a coffee from Jen's favourite coffee shop - Juice 'N Beans.    While I was having my drink I took a seat on the harbour and snapped a few shots.

Jen's favourite spot ;-)

Looking down Front Street, Hamilton, Bermuda

The Sorlandet

Spent most of the day in the east end.  I strapped the GoPro to my chest and drove north shore out to St George, then over to St David's and back via the South Shore.   In total I shot over 11gb worth of video.  Just not sure what to do with it all yet but something will be coming out eventually.....maybe weeks or months but I would like to put together a nice video of touring around the island.

Today is still firming up.  Suppose to have a good friend visiting later this morning and hooking up with others for happy hour at 5pm and then out to supper at 7pm.   But might have some touring time during the afternoon....or maybe a book by the pool ;-)

Weekend is pretty much shot, the weather is going to be a bit less nice (but not to bad), out again Saturday night and then Sunday is race day with Bruce ;-)  2nd F1 race of the year and 1st Indycar race with the new chassis and engines!   Monday is calling for Gale Force winds but I have some plans for that if the weather isn't downright dangerous.   The GoPro is waterproof so it can rain all it wants ;-)  But have a few fun ideas to play out.

Have a great day and weekend everyone!  May or may not be back on here till Monday, the camera will decide for me ;-)

Mar 22, 2012

East End Bermuda

Was poking around the Tuckers Town area yesterday and picked up a few shots ;-)

and attempted another star trail last night.  These are not easy to perfect....the clouds moved in on me, my 2nd battery doesn't last very long (think I froze it doing star trails over the winter) and I jarred the camera while changing the battery.  Thinking of an EH-6 to I can provide continuous power to the camera.  Watching E-Bay ;-)

Not sure of my plans yet for today.  Maybe Gibbs Hill Lighthouse tonight?   Booked up pretty solid for the weekend and gale force winds in the forecast for Monday......we'll see :-/

But having a great time!!!!   Have a great day everyone!

Mar 21, 2012

Former CFS Bermuda, Daniel's Head, Bermuda

Took a run up to the old CFS Bermuda yesterday.  A bit long so grab a coffee if you plan to watch the whole thing;  (go to the youtube website to see the biggest version)

Panorama Sunsets

Spent yesterday mostly in the west end of the island.  My old stomping grounds.  Makes me a bit sad to see it kinda rundown.  Was up to the old CFS Bermuda and have put together a video of the old base with some dialog for all the old 291'ers but it's taking some time to get uploaded to youtube.  Maybe later today it will make it through.

Last evening I headed down to Horseshoe Bay to take a few sunset shots.  Again the sunset wasn't to spectacular so Nikon Efex came to the rescue again ;-)    Seems spring is not the time for dramatic sunrise/sunrises down here.  I know the fall is from lots of my previous visits.   But I also juiced them up a bit by doing panoramas to get that nice wide look;

and tried one HDR for fun;

Mar 20, 2012

Productive Day

Well I didn't get to where I wanted to go yesterday but I was very successful in getting some decent shots ;-)

The morning started with laundry and a grocery run so by noon I was ready to head out.  Started going west and my first stop was Astwood Cove.  Always a scenic spot;

A 3 shot  panoramic 

And a short video of the area

As you can see from those nasty clouds the weather started to look a bit "off".  The forecast didn't call for any rain but a little voice was talking to me saying "hmmmm, maybe I should go back to the house".   Well I didn't listen to it but I suddenly remembered that I needed to take my Project 52 shot.  This weeks theme was "Planes, Trains and Automobiles".   Lots of interesting stuff for me.  I'd flown in on a plane and have been driving around on a scooter.   But I had a thought of heading down to the other end of the island and photography a plane coming in over one of the forts.   As I was heading to the house to get the tripod the rain started to bucket down.  Made it to the house just in time.  After the rain stopped I decided to not go back out the roads.  Didn't feel like having car spray in my face.  So what do to with my photo?  Well, here at the house there is a garden railroad.  So I pulled a few trains out and took the following;

The skies were nice and clear and last Friday I had spotted a location for an interesting sunset shot.   So headed down at 7pm to try and get it.  Unfortunately it wasn't a great sunset but Nikon Colour Efex helped out ;-)

Looking down Hamilton Harbour

While photographing I setup the GoPro to do some time lapse work.   This is what it really looked like;

That was my day!   Not sure where my travels will take me today but will be heading out a bit later to see where I end up.  Have a great day everyone.