Mar 20, 2012

Productive Day

Well I didn't get to where I wanted to go yesterday but I was very successful in getting some decent shots ;-)

The morning started with laundry and a grocery run so by noon I was ready to head out.  Started going west and my first stop was Astwood Cove.  Always a scenic spot;

A 3 shot  panoramic 

And a short video of the area

As you can see from those nasty clouds the weather started to look a bit "off".  The forecast didn't call for any rain but a little voice was talking to me saying "hmmmm, maybe I should go back to the house".   Well I didn't listen to it but I suddenly remembered that I needed to take my Project 52 shot.  This weeks theme was "Planes, Trains and Automobiles".   Lots of interesting stuff for me.  I'd flown in on a plane and have been driving around on a scooter.   But I had a thought of heading down to the other end of the island and photography a plane coming in over one of the forts.   As I was heading to the house to get the tripod the rain started to bucket down.  Made it to the house just in time.  After the rain stopped I decided to not go back out the roads.  Didn't feel like having car spray in my face.  So what do to with my photo?  Well, here at the house there is a garden railroad.  So I pulled a few trains out and took the following;

The skies were nice and clear and last Friday I had spotted a location for an interesting sunset shot.   So headed down at 7pm to try and get it.  Unfortunately it wasn't a great sunset but Nikon Colour Efex helped out ;-)

Looking down Hamilton Harbour

While photographing I setup the GoPro to do some time lapse work.   This is what it really looked like;

That was my day!   Not sure where my travels will take me today but will be heading out a bit later to see where I end up.  Have a great day everyone.


  1. Great photos!! wish I was there with you to enjoy them live :) xoxoxo

  2. Love them all! The video of Ashwood Cove seems like you can see the curvature of the earth on the horizon - cool! (Mary)

  3. A feast for the eyes -- so beautiful.

    Hi Jen! Hopefully it'll work out so you can take the next trip!

  4. Thanks everyone! Yes, missing having Jen with me this trip :-( We're gonna look to get down again later this year with her ;-)