Mar 21, 2012

Panorama Sunsets

Spent yesterday mostly in the west end of the island.  My old stomping grounds.  Makes me a bit sad to see it kinda rundown.  Was up to the old CFS Bermuda and have put together a video of the old base with some dialog for all the old 291'ers but it's taking some time to get uploaded to youtube.  Maybe later today it will make it through.

Last evening I headed down to Horseshoe Bay to take a few sunset shots.  Again the sunset wasn't to spectacular so Nikon Efex came to the rescue again ;-)    Seems spring is not the time for dramatic sunrise/sunrises down here.  I know the fall is from lots of my previous visits.   But I also juiced them up a bit by doing panoramas to get that nice wide look;

and tried one HDR for fun;