Mar 15, 2012

Back in Bermuda

Hey everyone!   Back on the island for the next couple of weeks.   Was sitting around with the winter blah's back a few months ago and I started playing with flexible dates on Air Canada and found a deal I couldn't pass up.  So I booked a short trip to the island.

Not overly warm down here this time of year (keep in mind Bermuda is off North Carolina and not way down in the Caribbean) so mostly jeans and my fleece jacket except during the prime of the day.  20C during the day and 15C at night.   But nice to be visiting with friends.

Good flight down, I was a bit worried that the Air Canada baggage handlers might be a bit disgruntled but no issues what so ever.   Had a little fun with the GoPro on landing.  Unfortunately I was on the wrong side of the plane ;-)

My buddy Glen picked me up at the airport.  After a short suitcase search by customs (what's up with that!) I went outside to find a camera pointed in my face;

The first evening was a quiet one.  Was pretty tired out after getting up at 3.45am for my 6am flight out of Ottawa.  Thank you to my love Jen for getting up at that horrible hour to drive me.  A quiet evening catching up with friends but I did notice the stars were very nice on a clear night so dropped the tripod outside for some star trail shots.   90 images later I came up with this;

The next clear night I'll go after the north star now that I know where it is ;-)

Heather and I took a run down to Tuckers Town today.  All the years I had lived here and all the visits I had never gotten past the gate and into the point of land.   Fortunately Heather has some connections and we drove right in.  She was looking for some surf to do some surfing but breakers just weren't good enough. But I got a few good shots;

A beautiful beach and as you can see some very very nice houses.  This is a rather wealthy area ;-)

One of the local dogs playing with a Frisbee in the water.

That yellow house up on the cliff belongs to Ross Perot.  Remember him?   A rather famous guy ;-)

Rest of the day was catching up with a couple of more friends and got my scooter so I'm mobile now.   Tomorrow I'll get out somewhere and then off to Friday night happy hour with another friend.   Weekend is starting to book up as well.  Seems I have quite the social life down here.

Stay tuned, there will be lots more coming.

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  1. The colour of the sand and water ..... so beautiful! Loving the GoPro vids Scott ... what a gorgeous day for your arrival. :)