Mar 27, 2012

Spittal Pond - Stormy Day

So far this trip the Bermuda weather forecasting has been dead on.  All weekend we were awaiting high winds on Monday and they arrived right on time.   Not much rain with it so far but the wind is blowing.   Took a run down to Spittal Pond yesterday to catch the wave action.   Ended up coming home covered in salt spray but was fun.   Wanted to do some time lapse work with the GoPro but finally hit the problem of humidity inside the case, lesson learned.  Need to get some humidity strips.   But did manage a video and some photos.

A 4 minute video showing the surf.

 The GoPro on duty

 Couldn't resist some Pano work.  Horizon is a bit off with this lens but came out ok ;-)

In the final few days before coming home so running around a bit.  Out for lunch in a bit with a friend so a bit light on the text but have been enjoying my time!  Even with the crappy weather having moved in.

Hope everyone is having a good day.

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