Sep 29, 2014

St George's - Part 2 - Colour

I did cheat a bit with the black and white images in part 1, I shot the black and whites in jpg but still retained the colour raw's just in case I completely messed up.  But as the day progressed I did switch to my 14mm lens and tried out Marshal's 56mm, so I switched to the amazing fuji colours.  Here is part 2 of the day shooting in St George's, this time in colour.

Below are shots from inside St Peter's church.

The view of St George's from Fort George
Using the in camera pano mode, worked quite well.

Below is not actually St George's but Admiralty House Park.  Surprisingly I had never been there nor did I know there was a cave.  Wasn't really setup for cave photography so might head back there in the coming days.

Kids jumping off the cliff, some peer pressure going on here.
In the end there was a push involved :-)

Some of you might ask what my thoughts were of the XF-56mm f1.2.   Well it was interesting.  Not a focal length that I am familiar with so that took some getting used to, but man it is a seriously sharp lens with very smooth textures.  Probably not one I would buy unless I was doing portrait work but a very nice lens indeed.

Sep 28, 2014

St George's - Part 1 - Black and White

Saturday I hooked up with a fellow Fuji photographer in Bermuda (Marshal) and he gracefully took me out to St George's to do some geeking out with the cameras. We walked the back streets of St George's for several hours, had a great lunch followed by a few more hours of shooting.  St George's is amazing, you'll never know what you'll find.  Great company and lots of interesting conversation about Bermuda and cameras.

Some previous trips to St George's and lots of colour can be found here  and here.

Decided for the first few hours to work outside my comfort zone.  Put the wide angle away, put the 55-200mm on and switched the camera to black and white.   Still not sure if I have the eye for BW but this was my results.   Later in the day I went wide and colour but those shots are for another day.

All shot with the X-T1, XF 55-200mm lens and processed with Lightroom and Silver Efex Pro 2.  Enjoy and click for larger versions.

This pup was just sitting on a doorstep watching us very very closely.  I would not have voluntarily walked up that step without his owner around. :-) But what a handsome dog.

Part of the "unfinished church"

Part 2 will be the colour images.