Sep 26, 2014

Back in Bermuda

After returning from Nova Scotia I received my daily Air Canada seat sale notification and I noted that they had some lower prices for Bermuda.   After hitting the website I discovered that the price was amazingly low - BOOK BOOK BOOK.  So here I am again :-)

Arrived yesterday to find a very hot a humid island but who cares!  I'm back with friends on a island I love.

Calling for showers over the next few days so instead of just relaxing on day 1 I grabbed the X-T1 (along with the 14mm, 35mm and the 55-200mm) and ran out to hit some spots I didn't photograph last May when I was down.

Fort Scaur and Whale Bay Battery

For some reason my favourite shot of the day. Over looking Ely's Harbour
Whale Bay

Whale Bay Battery

Port Royal Golf Course.  15th hole.  Golfers walk past this battery every day and never take a look at it.

It says "Give the Youth a Chance"  They etched this into the wall of a historic site, they don't have enough brains to give them a chance.

Must have been impressive when it had the guns in place.

Going up the 18th hole to the 19th :-)
From the battery looking up the 18th hole to the 19th.

The famous 16th hole Port Royal

One of the cannons at Fort Scaur

A Bermuda weather stone - zoom to read it :-)
Taxi driver on the right giving a history lesson to some tourists.

Looking to the north at one of the cruise ships at Dockyard

Come have a seat
A good look at the main part of Fort Scaur

Daniel's Head off in the distance.  The former Canadian Forces base.

A beautiful spot to watch the sunset, should be back there next week for the sunset.
So that was day 1.   The little gnats were bad as they were buzzing around my head and with the heat and humidity they were getting on my last nerve.  But it was a beautiful day to be out and about.

Possibly hooking with with another Fuji photographer for some shooting tomorrow.   Wanna look at his 56mm and he wants to check out my 14mm :-)   Hopefully the weather will hold but showers in the forecast for the next few days.

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  1. beautiful shots, of some quiet and amazing places ;thanks for sharing these shots