Mar 15, 2015

Where are all the pictures?

Where are all my pictures this winter?   Well to be honest, I really haven't taken many.  It's been too F!@#ing cold!  :-)  and to be honest it's been a pretty blah kinda winter.  But seriously, getting out walking to take pictures has been difficult.  Too much snow in the woods for the dog to get through and too cold to walk the roads.   Poor guys feet really can't handle the cold that much, and there is no way I'd be able to get booties on his feet.  But that doesn't mean I didn't take a few here and there.  Digging through the hard drive, lets see what we find.

See, it even looks cold! - look at the shine on the snow, it got so cold it changed to ice.
Dramatic winter sunset
Another crazy sunset
Our newest cat, Onyx.  Also known as Satan.  Don't let that sweet look fool you.
So if I haven't been taking pictures, well what have I been up to?   Well my day job of course.   No I don't do photography for a living.  No money in it :-)   And if there was my ex-wife would probably try and take that as well.  Been playing computer games and just puttering around.   The only "new" things that I've been into is making bread and learning lightroom..

I started with making bread in a crockpot, yup a crockpot -  That went ok but the bread was pretty heavy.  Had a great flavour tho.  Then a friend pointed me to no-knead bread -  and I've been addicted ever since.

No-Knead Bread - note the homemade wine behind it, wine and bread - yup!
This bread is amazing.  So easy to make and so yummy.  I make 3 loafs every Saturday now.   One gets eaten on Sat/Sun, one gets eaten at home during the week and one goes to work for snacks.  Not doing my girly figure any good but it's too good to pass up :-)

Also over the winter I did Phil Steele's Lightroom made easy course.   This course is really good and for the price you can't go wrong.  I now have a much better feel for lightroom, I highly recommend it -

Just to show you what "blah" looks like.  This was out walking today, one of the first days I've really been able to get out;

There is no colour in the sky, the snow is no longer bright white, no wildlife and all the vegetation is dead - BLAH!  :-)   Even converted to monochrome it's blah!  The only time we get bright snow and blues skies is when it's super cold.   Just no winning this year.

That was my winter.  Playing World of Warcraft, Elite Dangerous and Star Wars while my camera sits beside me waiting for spring.   My X100S is currently in Australia with Jen for a month while she gets a paid vacation down there.   Look forward to what she brings back for photos, at least my X100 gets to travel - lol

As spring approaches I should be out and about more, so check back from time to time.  Cheers!