Apr 8, 2012

New Ham Shack and Happy Easter!

Many of you know that for many years I was a very avid Ham Radio Operator.  I've operated from the Canadian Arctic (VE8RCS), Bermuda (VP9MM), Newfoundland (VO1XA) and finally here in Ottawa (VA3XA).   After my separation I packed up the radio gear and promptly walked away from the hobby except for when I was in Bermuda where I used a friends radio.   This past trip to Bermuda my buddy Glen (http://bermudaglen.blogspot.com/) was bugging me to get back on the air and to be honest I was starting to feel the bug a bit.

So this past 2 weeks I pulled my old vertical, a Butternut HF9V, out of the barn and found my radio gear and set it all back up.   Not as big as the old days where I had towers, yagi's, amplifier, etc etc...   Just a radio, no tuner, coax straight to the antenna.   Seems to work well, just had a nice chat with the guys/gals in Bermuda.   Glen asked to see a few pictures, here ya go;

 My man cave ;-)   We live in a side split so this is just under the kitchen.   I have my TenTec Jupiter setup with a W2IHY box and Goldline Microphone.   Off to the side I have my old IC-751A ready to go if needed.  No tuners in use, straight out to the antenna.

Couple of shots of the old Butternut HF9V.  It's not very straight any more, after being moved around this past 21 years but it's all original parts and still holding.  Of those 21 years it has probably been outside and standing for at least 15 years.  Says something of it's durability.   Only 3 radials down for now but it seems to get out well.   More permanent anchors going in soon and will bury the coax and radials so people don't trip on them.

For now I continue to resist the urge to put up towers and long wires hahaha.  But I do miss my 160m Inverted L, that thing was fun!

Hope everyone is having a great Easter weekend.  16C here today and turkey is in the oven!   Have a great week everyone!