May 2, 2014

St George's is all about colour - Part 1

Decided to take a run up to the scenic town of St George's on the east end of the island.   The day started off cloudy and a bit hazy but turned into a day with beautiful blue skies.   Although I have a few monochrome comparison shots, today was showing off Bermuda's colours with Fujifilm.

This X100S continues to impress me so much that I was considering cancelling my X-T1 order.  Returned to the house to find an e-mail from Henry's camera that all my gear has arrived and will be shipped upon my return - fate was talking to me I guess.  But I have been learning the X100S's limitations when it comes to traveling.  Occasionally a zoom would be nice to have.   Currently I have to zoom in postprocessing using lightroom.   It works but can be a bit lacking in quality when you zoom too far.  In addition, if this was my first trip to Bermuda I would definitely want a wider angle then this 23mm lens has.  But my goal for this trip is to focus closer in and not do as many landscape shots.  Get outside my comfort zone.   But the X100s is a joy to carry around, I'm never tired from having it around my neck, never have a sore shoulder and it's always with me.

I have so many photos that I will break them up into 2 posts, part II to follow tomorrow or later tonight.   Not all the shots are in St George's as a few are on the drive to the east.   Enjoy.

(Click the photo for larger view)


  1. Lovely photos :) Looking forward to the other half of the pics!! xoxoxo

  2. Beautiful. (Can't get over all the colour -- even the leaves under water are bright and vibrant.)

    Exciting news re the new kit. :D

    Looking forward to the next set!

    Hi Jen!