May 9, 2014

Flatts Village @ Night

Went out to supper with a few friends last night - good times had by all and had the headache this morning to prove it :-)  but one of the perks was that one of them lives in a condo in Flatts Village.   Most pictures taken in Flatts are on the east side of the cut but the condo is on the west-side giving a bit of a different view.

The first photos in the early evening were as per normal but after we returned from supper I had the chance to do some night shots.  This is my first attempt with high ISO's on the X100S.  All the shots are handheld and are at 3200 or 6400 ISO, something I have never used on my DSLR's.  Is there noise?  Yup.  Are the images sharp? Nope.  Are the images usable?  Yup.

Given that these were handheld I have very few complaints but definitely shows me that with a tripod these images would have been pin sharp.   In the end always nice to see Flatts at night.

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