May 1, 2014

Hamilton - Randomness

Stayed close to "home" yesterday and wandered around Hamilton taking some shot here and there.

(Click the image for a larger view)

 If you look close you can see the fish :-)

 Another of I'm not sure if I like the mono or colour version.

 This is my favourite of the day.

My 2nd favourite of the day

 This used to be me before the X100S came along.  

 hmmm, a certain someone I know thinks this is just the best store in Bermuda

 Sitting at the flag pole lookin up da road

1 comment:

  1. Can see why you're undecided with the bw vs colour versions -- I love the focus on the lines and angles in the bw version of the gazebo, but then seeing the vibrant green and the light in the colour ... hmmm, it's hard to say! They do give a very different atmosphere/feeling -- especially the cobblestone shots. Interesting! Seeing that man loaded down with all the camera gear makes me hope he was able to get some good shots to make up for carting it around, ha!