Apr 30, 2014

Spittal Pond

Info about Spittal Pond - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spittal_Pond_Nature_Reserve

A quiet day to just relax.  The morning started off a bit cool and overcast with the wind continuing out of the north so did a few chores around the house and relaxed.   The afternoon turned sunny and warm so decided to take a short run down to Spittal Pond which is not to far away.  With the wind out of the north I knew it would be fairly calm here, unlike the normal crashing of waves, so thought it would be interesting to see it in a different view.

Still playing with monochrome conversions and deciding which I like better so there are some duplicates with both colour and mono.  Again tough for me to decide on a laptop screen.   The X100S continues to be a dream to carry around, so much nicer then my big old Nikon gear.

Enjoy.  (Click images for larger view)

 Moooo, who are youuuuuu :-)

 Discovered that using Pano mode on the X100S "does not" switch back to colour.

He's dead Jim

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  1. LOL, re the last one.

    Beautiful. Love those cactus by the path. Wow, that's an amazing sight -- actually it all is, ha. :)