Apr 13, 2014

Some Colour Again

Amazing what a week of spring temps and wind can do.   Over 2 feet of snow gone in just over a week and already dandelions are starting to come out.  Still snow in the woods and in the shade.  Ice is still in the ponds but there is hope.  :-)   Yesterday was a beautiful blue sky so went out in search of some colour.  Still no sign of my X-T1 and lenses so still working solo with the X100S.

Miss Happy Cat

Great clouds today with the blue sky

Ice is still in.

Dandelions, water and ice.

Seems this is our national flower

Mr Patient

Had to throw in just 1 black and white :-)

Loved the contrast of blue and dirt.   Gotta love the fuji metering, caught the image without difficulty

The homestead in the distance.

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