Apr 5, 2014

A Night in YYZ

Got to spend a night and day in Toronto this past week.  My X-T1 and lenses are still on back order - and if they don't show soon I'll probably have to cancel the order until I'm back from Bermuda - so took my little Fuji X100S along for the ride.   Still trying to wrap my head around how to take pictures, such as street work, that are not all wide angle.   Slowly getting there but I still can't resist going for the big picture.  Gotta learn to look smaller.

(click the image for a larger view)

The downtown core (all along Front Street) in Toronto is ripped apart right now.  The Royal York is covered in scaffolding and Union Station is a mess.

Remember to book and save :-)  Shot through glass.

The clouds were very low on a rainy and miserable day.  The reflection in the upper right was due to the glass window I was shooting through.

One of the most decorated chip trucks I have ever seen.


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  2. Scott - what more can I say . . great minds think alike!

    I picked up my X-T1 on the 22nd March - you'll have no regrets. Check out some images on my latest (overdue) blog post.

    Trust all's well with you in your part of the world. All the best, buddie.

  3. Hey Grant - great to hear from you! Was just over to your blog and took at look at the X-T1 shots, nice work! Welcome to the X family.