Apr 28, 2014

Bermuda Dockyard with some new friends

First full day back on the island in Bermuda!!!!   Today I had the pleasure of meeting up with Mary a friend from Ottawa who works at Stained Glass Stuff and her friend Carol and give them a brief tour of one part of the island - The Royal Naval Dockyard.     They have been here for a week on vacation and are flying back home tomorrow so we only had the one day to hook up.

The intent was to mostly shoot black and white but the day was beautiful with colour.  After a winter of snow and cold I couldn't resist letting the Fuji X100S sing in velvia film mode.  Everything is probably over saturated with blue but I couldn't help it.   Not to mention, post processing sucks on a laptop.  Fortunately I made very few changes to these images.   A crop here and there, some contrast added and a bit of sharpness - done.  

Nope, not a real geco 


 Tilly is a bit camera shy

 Front Street, Hamilton, Bermuda

 Couldn't resist a bit of black and white 

 So which one is better?  Colour or Black and White?

 Having fun at the Frog and Onion

 Carol (left) and Mary - yup, they're hobbits. (well not really, just a big chair - lol)

 Saying good bye as they headed off on the ferry

 Cruise ship is in town

The X100S continues to impress me.   Spend less then 30 minutes working on these photos.   Can't say the same of my older DSLR equipment.  I know the sensor is much improved but it was nice to carry a much smaller camera today.   Will continue to be playing with the settings to really get comfortable and need to start taking my time.   But I am finding that most of the pictures I'm taking I am publishing.   Less wasted shots with the EVF.

Till tomorrow!!!  Comments always welcome.


  1. Great photos!!! Look forward to seeing more :)

  2. Wonderful! Look at all that colour -- very much understand your decision re: colour/bw shooting there, ha! Those bright colours and the sun is a real treat for the eyes (and why I'm partial to the colour over the bw in your question above). Still continue to be impressed by photos. I think there's a great freedom in not having to spend time in post-process, and combined with the lighter camera gear, it sounds perfect. Your photos certainly aren't lacking in anything DSLR-y here Scott!