Apr 21, 2014

From the Dog Walk Diary's

From my daily walks,   just under a week before I leave for 2 weeks in Bermuda.   Not looking like I will have the new camera and lenses before I go :-(   But it's going to be fun and interesting to shoot Bermuda in 1 focal length using the X100s.

All the pictures below are from the X100S.

Playing with the various film modes to see what captures blue the best.

Behind the house there were a bunch of farms that are now gone, but some of the old stone fences remain, these will be gone shortly as they are developing the area.

Beside the fence, a clearing.  Was there a house here once upon a time?  Playing with the light through the trees.


The homestead.

Moody lake and sky as the ice was melting.

Next day, less moody, in colour.

Playing with some post processing stuff.

Some of the ongoing development.

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