Apr 9, 2014

Heart Attack Averted

As most folks know, I sold all my Nikon DSLR equipment after purchasing the Fuji X100S and have had a new Fuji system on order the past few weeks.    Well yesterday I decided to hit the Henry's Website to see if there is any updated estimated shipping on new orders and to check my order status.   I do this every few days but never look closely at the rest of the webpage, just the estimate.    For fun I then went to a few other Canadian websites to see what their stock was like and their current prices.  First thing I noticed was the price of the lenses - hundreds of dollars more then what I was quoted at Henry's.   Given the huge difference I was seeing I went back to the Henry's page and guess what, they had the new higher prices - OMG!!!!   My order was going to be almost $700.00 more at the new prices.   But my order status was showing the old prices.
Fuji X-T1

My other concern was around that fact that I'm leaving for Bermuda at the end of the month for a few weeks.   If the order hadn't arrived I was going to cancel the order and reorder upon my return as I wouldn't be around to sign for the items.   Well not at a $700.00 increase in price.
Fuji 14mm F2.8

I got onto the phone with Henry's Camera.  What a great staff on the other end.   She calmed me down and confirmed that my order price would not change.  Turns out that there was a lens rebate on that I wasn't aware of when I placed my order and that was the reason of the lower price.  In addition Fuji has become very popular lately thus supply and demand has up'd the price.  The lower Canadian dollar probably isn't helping either.
Fuji 35mm F1.4

She also told me that I could just call before leaving the country and put a note on my file to hold the shipping until my return.  "Not a problem" she said.   Now that is service!!  She further commented that I would be crazy to cancel the order at that price :-)  No shit Sherlock!   LOL.
Fuji 55-200mm

Crisis averted in my own mind anyhow.

The only downside is that apparently they are still filling orders from late Feb, given that mine is mid-March, I'm probably looking at another few weeks or a month.  After my trip to Bermuda :-(    Although it will be interesting to photograph the island at the fixed focal length of the X100S.

Apparently the Vancouver port strike and the need to fix the light leak on the X-T1 has really slowed the process down.  Fuji was also surprised by the number of orders and the demand for the X-T1 and the new lens line-up.   In my mind it's worth the wait so I'm not in a panic over my order.   It will arrive when it arrives.

Again, I continue to be impressed by Henry's Canada for their continued professionalism and ethics.   They may not be the cheapest company for ordering gear in the world but they honour their word, are friendly and very accommodating.  They continue this and they will have my business for a long long time to come.

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