May 8, 2014

A Day of Flowers

Another beautiful day on the island.  Weather was a bit shaky on Wednesday morning (big rain) but it cleared off in the afternoon and spent some time with friends working on ham radio antennas.  First Tony's followed by the one here at the house.   Mission successful and everything back in working order.

Today, Thursday, I met up with a fellow Fuji enthusiast who is waiting for his Fuji order but wanted to check out my X100S.  We met over a cup of coffee and made a new friend.   Marshall will be following along next week when I get my new X-T1 to see how we make out.   I hope after playing with the X100S he's even more excited about getting his new kit.

This afternoon I spent a few hours up at the Bermuda Botanical Gardens.  Very hard place and a great place to take colourful pictures.  Also a great place to exercise the macro feature on the X100S.   The colours came out great and the macro focus wasn't bad considering the size of the lens.    I am not a horticulturalist and not good with flower names so I won't even try :-)

This guy really wanted to show off to me :-) 

For those who are into bikes, this is what the police bikes look like down here.   They had Harley's in the past but guess they decided to downgrade to Honda's.


This one I do know, it's a Bird of Paradise, pretty cool.

This little guy tried to hide from me :-)

Couldn't resist putting this old building into Silver Efex and giving it the old time look.


  1. Great shots Scott!... Remember the Royal Botanical well... We showed our Samoyed at the dog show there and made sure we went back for a look see of the gardens whenever time was available and down that way!

  2. Wow!! Stunning photos (love the snail!). :)