May 7, 2014

A day at the beaches

Got up in the morning and found it was a beautiful day.  Been here for over a week and hadn't visited the south shore beaches so figured I should - lol.  Water is still a bit cold here for my taste having been spoiled by living here in the past.

I hit Horseshoe Bay first thinking it would be quiet for a few hours before the cruise ship people descended in flocks.  Turns out I didn't beat them so only stayed for a little over an hour before moving on.

Not sure why the sky's have turned a bit purple.  Still trying to figure out the X100S in bright sunshine and bright blue skies.   For some reason I get the purple thing regardless of which film simulation mode I use.  I like the vibrant colours so still using Velvia but the other modes had a similar effect as well.  Maybe next time I will try shooting in jpg on the camera and compare them to the raw conversion in Lightroom to see if it's the camera or the conversion.

The famous Horseshoe Bay is the signature beach on the island.   Yes I have bumped the colours a bit to make the pink stand out but it is truly there.   As I mentioned I didn't beat the boat people to the beach.

A good view of the entire "horseshoe".

Once you reach the far end of the beach you get into some really cool coral formations.

The Bermuda Longtail

This is where the X100S pretty much failed me. LOL.  The 23mm lens is a bit short for trying to do bird photography (no shit eh?) but someone I did manage to get focus on one bird and survive a very heavy crop in Lightroom.

The waves, sand and water are always so picturesque down here.

I swear this fish was on crack.  He/She kept swimming around a piece of coral in about 3 inches of water.  Very strange, and pretty funky looking as well.

By this time I was done with the boat people and wanted something a bit more private.   Just up the street is Warwick Long Bay, as you can see below the beach was packed with people!  :-)

Some people did eventually show up but it was nice to walk the length of the beach and then spend some time up on the rocks watching the surf and sun.  Might hit a few more south shore hiding spots as the week carries on.

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  1. I'm so jealous right now!! it looks gorgeous there :) I hope you are enjoying yourself!! Miss you!