May 12, 2014

Houses and Boats

My last full day on the island before I head back to Canada.   My rental scooter has been returned to the shop and all I have left to do is pack and say good-bye to all my dear friends.   Was busy with friends throughout the weekend thus no pictures as I would rather spend time with them then wander around on my own taking pictures, even with how beautiful the island is.

This probably won't be the last post with pics as I have some odds and ends and I'll probably shoot around the grounds again tomorrow morning.   Today I took a run up to dockyard on the ferry, the same as I on my first full day with Mary and Carol :-)   Another beautiful day so I took many shots from the boat.  Given that I have no zoom many of these are heavy crops, still impressed with the clarity and detail I get from the X100S that allows me to make these huge crops in Lightroom.   Enjoy.

The city of Hamilton
The ferry terminal

 The super yacht M/Y Martha Ann.  Check her out -

A huge sailing ships, didn't catch her name.

 On the way out of Hamilton there are some amazing houses and boats.

 Someone once told me that this place belonged to one of the original Microsoft founders, not Bill Gates, but not sure if that is still the case or not.

Two cruise ships in Dockyard.

 They make this tour boat look pretty small.

Very sad to see Teddy Tucker's "Miss Wendy" sitting as a derelict.  But was happy to discover that she's to be sunk as a dive site.   A great tribute to Teddy  (who is still alive) and his famous treasure and ship discoveries.

 The tug "Faithful" looks like she has seen better days as well.

 The Clocktower Mall

 At least the "Edward Stowe" still seems to be working.

 Commissionaires House in Dockyard up on the hill.

The view out the back of the ferry leaving dockyard,

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  1. Great photos!! those houses are amazing!! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow :) xoxoxo