Mar 4, 2012

Beware the Ides of March

Sorry it's been a few weeks.  Can't really say I've been busy or anything just the never ending winter taking it's toll hahaha.  Nah, it hasn't been that bad.  After being seduced by lovely spring like weather in the middle of Feb, the past two weeks have reminded us that mother nature is not done.   Like I said before "I don't need a rat to tell me we have 6 more weeks of winter, this is Canada, of course we have 6 more weeks!"   Stupid groundhog and for people who listen to it ;-)

We've had snow, ice, wind and cold temps the past few weeks just to keep us honest.   But less then 2 weeks left until I head down to the island to visit friends for a few week.  yippee!!!!   So looking forward to seeing everyone.  To bad Jen can't make it this trip :-(   Just me.   Already doing an inventory in my head of all the various camera gear that needs to travel, I have some visions in my head of what I want to shoot this time round.  Mostly sunrise/sunsets with long exposures on the shorelines.   So tripod, 17-55mm, 80-200mm, debating about the 10-20mm, ND-8, D-200, GoPro, waterproof housing etc etc...  Somewhere in between all that stuff I need to fit a few clothes.....

Finally broke down and bought myself a new laptop.  My poor old MacBook wasn't really cutting it anymore.  Besides, since the release of Windows 7 I have been less impressed with the Mac OS.  So got me a nice shiny Dell XPS 15 with lots of memory and a big video card.   Easily handles Photoshop and should handle my movie stuff well.  We'll find out after I do some shooting on the island.

Got my new tattoo all finished up (well almost).  It involved 2 sittings, the first for the inukshuk and the second for the snow and the moon behind it.   Will need one more short sitting in month or so to clean up a couple of spots but it looks really good.   Just need to let it heal up now.   Pain wasn't bad at all but had some bleeding so it takes a few weeks for everything to smooth out.  

Project 52 wise.   Last week was "at work".  Well that's not very possible for me - no cameras allowed.  So I just used myself in front of the computer.  I actually don't play solitaire much but it looked funny (you can see the new Dell in the back - it's running the big monitor);

This week was a bit more fun.  Depth of Field.  I had numerous ideas but in the end I pulled out my old faithful Enterprise and put a monster behind to give the appearance that it was chasing her;

That was my last 2 weeks in review.   Once I get to the island there should be lots and lots more pictures.  Hope everyone has a great week ahead!

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