Mar 23, 2012

Hamilton and the Solandet

I usually avoid Hamilton until the final days due to traffic and people but felt the urge to grab a coffee from Jen's favourite coffee shop - Juice 'N Beans.    While I was having my drink I took a seat on the harbour and snapped a few shots.

Jen's favourite spot ;-)

Looking down Front Street, Hamilton, Bermuda

The Sorlandet

Spent most of the day in the east end.  I strapped the GoPro to my chest and drove north shore out to St George, then over to St David's and back via the South Shore.   In total I shot over 11gb worth of video.  Just not sure what to do with it all yet but something will be coming out eventually.....maybe weeks or months but I would like to put together a nice video of touring around the island.

Today is still firming up.  Suppose to have a good friend visiting later this morning and hooking up with others for happy hour at 5pm and then out to supper at 7pm.   But might have some touring time during the afternoon....or maybe a book by the pool ;-)

Weekend is pretty much shot, the weather is going to be a bit less nice (but not to bad), out again Saturday night and then Sunday is race day with Bruce ;-)  2nd F1 race of the year and 1st Indycar race with the new chassis and engines!   Monday is calling for Gale Force winds but I have some plans for that if the weather isn't downright dangerous.   The GoPro is waterproof so it can rain all it wants ;-)  But have a few fun ideas to play out.

Have a great day and weekend everyone!  May or may not be back on here till Monday, the camera will decide for me ;-)

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