Mar 26, 2012


Good Monday morning everyone.  Had a great weekend on this end visiting with friends.   Was out to Bristo J's on Friday night for supper, a must place to have supper while your on the island (Flank steak done with a Bermuda Rum sauce), Saturday with Glen and supper at Hog Penny (Wahoo and Bermuda Fish Chowder), Sunday was F1 racing with Bruce in the morning, IndyCar racing with Bruce at Tom's house in the afternoon and an evening with Sharon and Heather eating BBQ'd chickens with corn on the cob!  A great weekend!

Tom's house is in an amazing location with a million dollar view, a few shots before the race;

Heading into the final stretch before heading home on Thursday.   Sunny here right now but very high winds. They're talking gale force later today and maybe some rain.  More wind tomorrow and then a cold front moving in to finish my trip.    Looking at the wave action down on the south shore and thinking of taking the gopro down in a bit and do some time lapse of the waves hitting the shore.   Could be fun.  Out again with friends this evening, tomorrow for lunch, tomorrow afternoon and probably tomorrow evening again.   Busy busy busy. ;-)


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  1. That is an amazing view!! I'm glad you got to experience it, and share the pics with us :) xoxo