Mar 19, 2012

Monday Morning

ahhh Monday morning, normally a phrase I hate, but not today while I'm on vacation!

Sitting here this morning, the sun is coming in and it's starting to warm up.  It's not going to be as warm as Ottawa later today but at least we're not dropping to 0c during the nights before the 21c during the day.  There is a trough sitting over Bermuda and the weather has been consistent since my arrival.  Another lovely day with sunshine.   Not much on tap, just doing some laundry and groceries this morning and then maybe a run to the west end to check out the old CFS Bermuda (aka 9 Beaches) and take some photos.   With luck there will be some videos or photos this evening or tomorrow morning.

Yesterday was a busy social day.  Up to Glen's in the morning and then put together a team to get Sharon's ham antenna back up in the air.  After that up to Bruce and Donna's for the F1 replay followed by a lovely supper.  Next thing I knew it was 11pm - bed time!

A few shots from the antenna fixing yesterday - thanks for taking them Sharon!

 Me climbing the tower.

 Tony (VP9HK) at the top and strapped in

 Me (VP9MM) and Tony (VP9HK) at the top sorting things out.

John (VP9NI) and myself stringing the coax back up pretty like ;-)

Time to get off the computer, get a few things done and try for some photos.  Later everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Nice blue skies there.

    Yes, we are having some very warm (and let me tell you it feels odd - snow on the trails but shorts and T-shirt weather) but we don't have that beautiful colour - greens, blues, pinks, etc. :)

    Looking forward to the next instalment of Scott's Excellent Adventure. ;-)