Oct 1, 2014

Odds and Sods

A few pictures from a trip to the west end this morning.   The purpose of the trip was to photograph some interesting stuff at the Royal Naval Cemetery and that post will come tomorrow.  A much bigger story to put together.

But as I was leaving the area the skies started getting interesting.   There is a storm front moving in late this afternoon and tonight but seems the weather man got it wrong.  Right after these pics it poured rain!   I had a lovely wet ride back to Paget - :-)

From Boaz Island where I used to live I could tell the weather was going to get interesting.

There are currently 2 cruise ships in so some of the local charter boats are loaded up with tourists. I did zoom in the image but there are some rather disturbing sights in outfits they should not be allowed to wear.
Looking over at the former CFS Bermuda, then the former 9 Beaches
The house on the left is the former CO's house of CFS Bermuda
Looking over at Cambridge Beach Resort
St James Church, right before the rain came down.

Tomorrows post is something that is fascinating to me but might be rather boring to most of you so check back and see :-)  

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