Oct 6, 2014

A Day on the Water

Still haven't looked at many of the images I took on Saturday as I immediately jumped to the Sunday pictures.   A group of us rented a salt water pontoon boat for the day.   What a great day, weather was perfect, great friends and great sights.   I only took the X100s as I was worried about salt spray, not an issue in the end, so was a bit limited in focal length but the quality of the images allowed me much latitude in lightroom :-)

A beautiful morning as we started from the Waterlot in Riddell's Bay.

The ladies relaxing.   Sharon, Donna and Roz.

Captain Bruce with the morning shift and sub-Captain Tom ready to spring into action if required :-)

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Gibbs Hill lighthouse and one of the thousands of brightly painted houses in Bermuda.

Bermuda is dotted with many of these caves cut into the limestone around the island.

And little hidden beaches if you look for them.

The Martello Tower at Ferry Reach (built in 1823).  In the foreground are the supports for the railway that used to exist on the island.

Sharon and Roz.

Bruce and Tom

Town cut into St George's.  They pass cruise ships through this when they visit St George's (rare these days)

Town of St George's as seen from the water heading towards St David's.

An all too common sight, old boats which have run aground due to storms that are just left.

Lunch time, stopped at the Black Horse Tavern.  Amazing fish chowder and wahoo sandwich.

Black Horse from the water, just drive your boat up, park and enjoy lunch with an amazing view.

Our boat parked at the Black Horse.

The view from the Black Horse.

Bruce at the front door.

Wahoo, my favourite fish in the world!  yum yum yum yum yum

Someone decided to promote me to afternoon boat captain.  It all went downhill from there :-)

da boys!

The plan in the past was that this would be Bermuda's answer to gambling.  Run the boat outside the 12 mile limit, gamble and drink and then come home.   Never happened and the ship sits and rots.

View of Gibbs Hill coming back into Riddells Bay.

We did stop on a nice secluded beach, swam and enjoyed a few beverages.  Did some GoPro videos from that but nothing spectacular.   If you get to Bermuda it's great to see it from the water so try and get access to a boat for a look at an amazing place.

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