Oct 9, 2014

Bermuda Maritime Museum (Commissioner's House)

**Warning, a ton of photo's**  :-)

Commissioner's House in Bermuda (officially the Bermuda Maritime Museum - http://www.bmm.bm/ ) is a very scenic spot.  Unfortunately you need to pay to get inside BUT in my opinion it is well worth the 12 bucks.   The views are amazing, great history and a very relaxing area to check out.


High above the walls is the Commissioner's House  (a shame the flags were not flying)

Below King Neptune watches over the courtyard.

The courtyard

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Inside one of the walls looking out the firing points, now if only I had a canon....

One of the cruise ships hanging out off Dockyard.

The front of the house, the balconies are amazing.  Gorgeous spot in the summer but would be pretty cool, damp and drafty in the winter months.

The view from the front doorstep.

Black and White vs Colour
The entrance as you come into the house.  Beautiful room and light.  I do wish they would open the shutters throughout the house to see the full glory of this place.

Now this is a dining room table!

Looking all the way across Dockyard, boatyard in the foreground and Commissioner's House way in the background.

I got really lucky with beautiful blue skies but even without this is a great spot to wander around.  A shame that the majority of the people on those cruise ships never venture into the gates and explore this wonderful location.  But it does make it a quiet spot for me to hang out :-)

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