Oct 8, 2014

Dolphin Quest

One place I love to visit on nice days is Commissioner's House at the Royal Naval Dockyard.   It is an amazing building with unparalleled views,  Yesterday the weather was amazing with deep blue skies so lots of pictures were taken but before I post those I thought I would put these ones first.

Within the walls of the dockyard is a business called Dolphin Quest.   I am not a fan of animals in captivity but they do treat these dolphins very well and they have good facilities for them.   They also seem very happy and the staff spend all their time with the dolphins.   While I was there they had their "swim with dolphins" program on the go.   I typically don't post pictures of other people or of animals in captivity but I couldn't resist the beauty of these animals and the cuteness of them with the kids.

The shot of the day.  Too cute.

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I felt sorry for this big old turtle.  Wish I had some way to show the scale of his size - he's huge!   He was over in a corner of the pool, everyone was oooh and awwwing over the dolphins and this poor guy was all on his own :-(   A magnificent animal.

Hug from one of the staff

Petting time.

Feeding time.

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