Oct 10, 2014

St David's

Some pictures from a run down to St David's the other day, in particular Great Head Park which holds a memorial to all those lost at sea.

From the park you get an excellent view of the St David's lighthouse.   As you can see the clouds were very interesting during this visit.

Before arriving at the park I "had to" stop at the Black Horse Tavern for the best Bermuda Fish Chowder on the island followed by a Wahoo sandwich.   What can be better?  A book, a beer and a chowder - mmmmm

Flight coming in over St David's

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For an island with so many forts (over 200 in its history) and so many guns, it's amazing there was never a battle fought here.

St George's in the distance.

Sucks being towed back in after fishing.

Yes, you have my attention now.

The monument to those lost at sea.

St David's is such a pretty place.

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