Oct 1, 2014

A Bermuda/Canadian Mystery

I was going to do one long post of my morning up at the Royal Naval Cemetery but I decided to split off one little "mystery" that I want to post with a Bermuda group on Facebook who might have the answer.  My quick google searches have not found anything.

For many years I have been captivated with the cemetery but there is one set of grave stones near the back north side that have always had me questioning "what happened".   Looks like a Canadian transport plane or some other type of plane may have crashed or had some kind of accident on 6 Feb 1945.   These are the grave stones;

Anyone out there know the story of what happened?

Mystery Solved - the folks on Facebook took about 1 hour to post the results;

  • Peter Smith Liberator KL396 crashed soon after takeoff on 6 Feb 1945. Martin, Talbot, Coott, Lagadec, Grace casualties
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  • Derek Mitchell As above - Liberator KL386.
    Crashed into the sea shortly after take off following a refuelling stop. Aircraft was on route to the Middle East.
    There were 5 Casualties.

    MARTIN, H.M. - Pilot (Canadian Civilian)
    TALBOT, E.C. - Co-Pilot (Canadian Civilian)
    COOTT W.A. - Navigator RCAF
    LAGADEC J.P. - Wireless Op (Canadian Civilian)
    GRACE, A.C.A. F/Engineer RAF

    Details From Though Without Anger by C Cummings 
    See http://forum.12oclockhigh.net/archive/index.php?t-25464.html

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