Oct 4, 2014

Dog Fun

Went out shooting with Marshall again today, had a great time.   Decided to break it into 2 parts.   The first part was the morning up at Hog Bay Park in the west end.   Not tons of things to photograph but along came this dog and owner.  First time I have tried the auto focus tracking on the X-T1.  Wasn't overly successful on the first 2 goes but the 3rd time nailed it.  Need more practice.

Was a ways down the beach so should have been closer.  Was using the 55-200mm but still needed to heavy crop.

A passing boat.

I was taking a picture of the sign when Marshall walked around the corner....lol....not the most flattering.  Very serious looking man!

The afternoon was spent at the National Cathedral.  Will be a few days before I can sort out those images.  To late tonight and off boating all day tomorrow.

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