Oct 7, 2014

Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity

Also known as the Bermuda Cathedral, this church is the largest in the city of Hamilton (and probably on the entire island).  You can read all about it history on wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cathedral_of_the_Most_Holy_Trinity,_Bermuda

Photography wise it's a challenge and lots of fun.  Symmetry everywhere if you can get the angles and playing with natural light is fun.  We probably missed the best light by about an hour but catching beams coming through the stain glass as it shines onto items in the church can make each visit an entire new experience.  The goal was to go up to the roof but the door going up the spiral staircase was closed so will try that again next time.

I was tempted to go black and white on more images then I did but did a few to show both colour and monochome.

The cathedral is very impressive on the outside as well as the inside.

An impressive organ.

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The ceiling.

Just missed the light as it was shining on the book from the window above.

The stain glass in the warrior's chapel.

A hat on the deacons pew.

The warrior's chapel where they have remembrance to those who have fallen from Bermuda.

The list of names of those who gave their lives during both world wars.

Close up of the memorial.

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