Apr 24, 2011

Happy Easter (aka Chocolate Bunny Day)

Happy Easter everyone, hope the big chocolate bunny visited your house and deposited some chocolate for everyone!  ;-)   We're off to a lovely brunch buffet with Jen's family today.

Lovely sunny day here in Ottawa but yesterday wasn't so nice.  To escape the weather and to play photographers we headed off to an Orchid Show at the Nepean Sportsplex.   The Orchids were AMAZING!  Over 260 shots later we dragged ourselves out of the place with sore arms from holding camera gear.  Today (Sunday) they allow tripods which might have been a smarter time to visit but we had a good time even handholding the cameras.

Still sorting the images but thought I would post a few teasers for fun.  Click the image to see the fullsize.

Have a great Easter everyone!!!!!


  1. Yay, you went. :) Very pretty, and that first red one is striking.

    Happy Easter -- hope you're enjoying the day.

  2. Yup we went! It was well worth the price of admission, very beautiful flowers :-) I've got around 200 photos to go through yet so I figure I'll publish here and there as I need content. Hard not to get good shots of Orchids. Jen has some lovely images as well.

    Had a lovely day. Thanks and hope your having a great weekend as well Candis!

  3. I took pictures of the KK Twins and entered them in the Agricultural Exhibition as "Blooming Idiots!!"

    In Debt In Devonshire