May 1, 2011

Spring is here!

wow, what a wonderful weekend weather wise.  Both Saturday and Sunday were lovely sunshine and warm temps.  A nice teaser.  I'm sure we have lots of crappy weekends ahead of us until spring but if they throw one of those in one in awhile I'd be happy.

The big wind storm here last week resulted in a pile of the shingles gone from the house.   Roofer should be here tomorrow to fix it all up.  Fingers crossed it gets done before the rains come.  Last thing I need is leaking water in my loft.  A guess there a few trees down around the farm but overall damage is light.  The city and other areas sure weren't as lucky.  Lots of trees down in the city and power was out for long periods.  Even on Saturday there were still a few places without power.

Only 3 more weeks till Bermuda!!!  I think Jen is getting pretty excited as well.  Still a rough time in my life with shit going on but need/want to go.   Going to be great to see my friends and my 2nd home again.  It's been far to long.

The new/temporary job is going well.  3 weeks of learning and I'm starting to figure out what I'm suppose to be doing.  Another 2 weeks and I'll be flying solo hahaha.   Expect to be in the position until Jan 2012 so starting to settle in.   But I am finding it harder to learn the older I get.  Old dogs and new tricks.....might be something to the old saying.

Got myself into a new TV show - True Blood.  ya ya I know, everyone else has been into it for 2 years and I'm a bit behind the curve.  It can be pretty bloody and lots of sex but there actually is a decent little story behind it, not to mention a few great chuckles.

Dr Who, season 6, started a few weeks ago.  Two episodes in and it's got everyone talking.  Seems like they really stepped up the filming and the story writing.  Even Jen seems to be getting into it and I never thought I'd see that!  ;-)   Still trying to get her thru Battlestar Galactica.   But SG-U seems to be getting in the way lately hahaha.

Well that's pretty much the news of the week.  Suppose to hear from the lawyers this week and not looking forward to having to face that reality again but it has got to get completed.  We're just 2 weeks shy of 1 year.

Couple of pictures from the weekend.  Didn't do much snapping, Jen and I took a lovely walk along the canal from Hartwells Lock down to Bank St and back up again around Dow's lake.  Jen took way more pictures then I did ;-)  

Next week the tulip festival starts in Ottawa so should be out shooting flower again next week ;-)

Remember to get out and vote tomorrow.  Just remember to vote for the platform you like and not for the leader of a party just because  you like the person.  It's not a popularity election, become informed and vote for the party who supports your views.

Have a great week everyone!

 Trees are all starting to bud and the leaves will be out any day.  As you can see the water still has not been run into the canal.  Should be soon.

This tree looked pretty cool with the blue sky and the green grass.  But was to big to get in one shot, so took 3 and blended them together.

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  1. Hey Scott! Great shots - crystal clear and what a sky :) Looking forward to you two coming down, just sorry you have to go through the briar patch first but it'll make the get-away that much sweeter.

    Sharon & Heather

    ps: Hope the shingles got replaced and you casted your vote :)