May 22, 2011


Back on the island at last!!!   I can't believe it has been 2 full years since I was here last.  A crime ;-)

Jen and I had a good flight down, no troubles with customs or immigration and were met by our great friends Sharon and Heather.   The first day was very long ;-)   We hadn't slept much in Toronto the night before and was up shortly after 5am to head for the airport.  Got to the island, had a lovely lunch at North Rock Brewing and then up to the house.  Met the new dog, Max, who is wonderful and a great addition to the family!   I don't think the other dog, Megan, recognized me right off but today she seemed to know me ;-)   Off to pick up the scooter and then back to the house.  Out for supper with most of my friends on the island at Bristo J's.  What a wonderful meal and great company and then back to the house for a few social drinks before crashing into bed just after midnight.  We both slept like the dead until 8.30am.    The tree frogs were soothing and the island breezes were just perfect for sleeping.

Got up this morning and had a lazy morning waiting for some light showers to pass by to the south of the island and then off to Spittal Pond for a nice walk.   It was very warm and humid but again the breezes when we were by the shore were very refreshing.   I have a pile of photos of Spittal from my many trips to the island so didn't take many.  For those who follow Jen on facebook, expect to see more from her, she was clicking away.    But here are a few shots from me anyhow:

Click the image for fullsize.

 Pretty lady looking over the cliffs.

Have always loved Spittal pond on the first day.  A great way to relax and listen to the waves.  Almost no one down there at all.

Think we're heading for the beach tomorrow, Grape Bay, to check out the water temps.  Still early in the season but should be good enough for a dip ;-)   Long term forecast is calling for sun most of the week.  Going to be a good one!

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  1. Oooooh! Look at the colour of the water. It looks so beautiful there.

    Hope the time slows down a bit for you both so that you can enjoy every minute.

    Jen -- love your smile in that photo!