May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the mom's out there.   I don't think my mom reads here but happy mothers day to her as well ;-)

Not much new this past week.  More personal crap going on that isn't fit to publish for everyone to read, those who need to know, know where to find me ;-)   Let's just say "the foolishness continues".  It rained most of the week but we hit one lovely weekend!   And the forecast for the next few days looks great as well, to bad I'm back to work.

Less then 2 weeks till Jen and I hit the island!!!!! Yippeeeeee, can't come soon enough.  Looking forward to seeing all my friends and the furry animals ;-)

Jen and I took a walk back along the canal this weekend (same spot as I posted last week) in hopes that some of the tulips might be up.   It's the first week of the tulip festival here in Ottawa but due to the late spring the flowers are a bit slow but we didn't come away empty handed.  Some tulips were up as well as some other flowers.  You'll also note that they have filled the canal with water, unlike last week.  Things are still a bit murky and there is debris in the water but it won't be long now and the boats will be up and down.


Have a great week everyone.

Remember to click the image for a bigger version.

Ducks were happy to have water again.

 Things are starting to green up in Ottawa
The flooded the canal this week so we have water again!

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