May 26, 2011

A Blue Blue Blue Day! East end Bermuda

What a PERFECT day yesterday.  The weather was amazing, the view was wonderful, the pictures turned out perfectly, lunch was great, the swim was refreshing, supper was out of this world, Harbour night was fun and my girlfriend is just the best!

We covered a lot of the east end of the island yesterday with stops at St David's lighthouse, St David's battery, St George, Gates Fort, Alexandra Battery, Fort St Catherine, Blackbeard's Hideout, Martello Tower at Ferry Reach and then back to the house.  Had a lovely swim in the pool and then off to a wonderful supper at the Hog Penny (fish chowder, wahoo - YUM) and then down to Harbour Nights on Front Street.   Needless to say we were pretty tired out. 

As you can see from the pictures below the sky was an amazing blue.  Trust me it was amazing as it looks!  ;-)

Click the image for fullsize.

 St David's Lighthouse
 Looking at St George from the top of St David's Lighthouse
Looking at Clearwater Beach from St David's Lighthouse
 One of the cannon's at St David's Battery
 St David's as seen from St David's Battery
 Monument to lost Mariners at St David's Battery
 St David's
 My wonderful girlfriend
 The view from Blackbeard's Hideout
 Alexandra Battery
 The glass beach beside Alexandra Battery
 Alexandra Battery
 Gates Fort
 Waves crash at Gates Fort
 Duel cannons at Gates Fort
 Gates Fort
 Town of St George as seen from Fort St George
 St George
 Panorama view from Alexandra Battery
Panorama view of St George

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