Apr 11, 2011

April Flooding

We had a wild thunder and lightening show run through the area last night.  Knocked me outta bed at 3am and then at 5am it got really wild.  It rained all yesterday afternoon, poured through the night and continued into this morning. 

Driving home this afternoon this is some of the flooding along the way and near my house, glad my place is on a hill!

 The "stream" is normally on the other side of the trees.  Note the picnic tables and garbage can.

 This is normally a little park.  See the top of the picnic table on the right ;-)

 Just down the hill from my house.  That line of trees is normally this side of the little river that flows through the field.   The entire corn field is flooded and the waves are lapping on the shore.

The river from the other side of the road.

Currently it's 7.20pm at night, the temperture is 21C, humidity around 77% and winds around 55km/per hour.   In the next few hours it's going to drop 21 degrees to 0C.  What a weird spring!

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