Apr 17, 2011

Bermuda Sunsets

Was looking for a particular picture tonight and ran across some of my Bermuda sunset pictures from 2007.  Never did find the picture I was looking for, will have to keep searching, so I pulled these instead.  I don't think I ever published any of them.  Given the crappy weather this weekend these are very appealing ;-)     Just over a month and Jen and I will be on the island, hope she can see some of these awesome sunsets.  Looking forward to the trip!

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 From the cliff overlooking Horseshoe Bay looking west.

 Ely's Harbour, Sandys Parish

  Ely's Harbour, Sandys Parish

  Ely's Harbour, Sandys Parish

Ferry Reach

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  1. These photos are sooooo beautiful!! I cannot wait until our trip to Bermuda, I hope I get to see at least one beautiful sunset like these!!