Apr 18, 2011

Ok, that's just weird

I've been known as being witchy before but this one even had me raise an eyebrow.  In yesterdays blog post "Bermuda Sunsets" the first picture was taken from a cliff beside Horseshoe Bay.   I posted it just because I ran accross it while looking for another photo.  This today at 12.38pm there was a small 4.6 earthquake 50km's off Bermuda.  The cliff that I stood on to take that picture slide off the hill.  This is a picture spreading around the internet.

Now, there have been a few reports that this image is a fake and that it actually happened over the weekend.  So far none of my friends on the island have been able to confirm for me ;-)   But for me it's still weird hahahaha.

Busy week here.  Doing lots of studying in my new/temporary job and working way more hours then I should be but enjoying it so far.  But makes for a very long day.   Hope everyone is having a great week!

** Reports continue that this happened over the winter during a winter storm and wasn't caused by the earthquake.  Still strange that no one heard about it.   One month today and I'll go see for myself! ;-)

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