Mar 31, 2011

Waterfalls and Hog's Back Park

It's a pretty blah kinda day unlike the beautiful day yesterday.  Had to come into the city to attempt to get some chores done.  Got one done, one booked for tomorrow afternoon and half of another one done.  As a result I ended up with some spare time so decided to take a quick run down to Hog's Back park to try to shoot some waterfalls.  I've never had much luck but did a little better today.

It's a tough place to photograph due to the angles.  To get the right angle you have to stand in the spray coming off the water.  That area is still covered with ice and is unsafe.  That combined with not wanting to soak my camera gear killed that idea.   Shooting from above almost has to be done handheld because there is not place to put the 3 legs of the tripod.  Somehow I managed to balance 2 legs of the tripod and that combined with the Image Stabilization of the new lens I managed to get some longer exposures, 1/3rd of a sec, and combine them into a panoramic.    The light isn't exciting but it's better then I've done in the past.

Be sure to click the image to see the full size.

Panorama (10 images) of the rushing water at Hog's Back.  This is what it looks like using normal camera settings.

9 images, this is what it looks like when you extend the shutter speed to 1/3rd of a sec.  Smoothes the water nicely.  A very steady hand or tripod is necessary. 

 Zoom in on the water itself.

So for those who have ever wondered how to shoot waterfalls that's all there is to it.  Find an overcast and dark day, a tripod and 1/3rd of a second.   A little tougher on a sunny day as you'll need a filter to use slow shutter speeds.   If you can, combine it with a few shots and make a wide panorama.

I'm working off my laptop so hope I got the post processing done, can be tough being on a 14" screen versus my 27" at home ;-)

Weathers not looking the best for the next few days so not sure if we'll get out shooting or not.  Fingers crossed that environment Canada is wrong.



  2. Gorgeous!

    (but a tad cool for swimming!)