Mar 6, 2011

Pink Sunset

This just happened a few minutes ago (6 Mar @ 6.10pm).   A lovely sunset.  Was running around outside in shirt sleeves to make sure I caught it ;-)   Froze by the time I got back inside, it's -6C out there.

All were shot HANDHELD with the Tamron 17-50mm F2.8 on my old D200.   I am liking low light lenses!

(click image for bigger version) 


  1. Wow what a beautiful sunset!! wish I was out there to share it with you :(

  2. Another advantage of getting out of the city ;-)

  3. Gorgeous. Thanks for braving the cold for us! ;-)

    We saw it from our place too. It was amazing!

  4. Thanks for posting the good photos! And for posting at a good background image size without that border you put on the others :-)

  5. Well anonymous, the border and copyright gets put on so people don't "take" the photo and use it for their own purposes without asking ;-) All my photos are available on request, most are free but some aren't.